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VK4HMD Radio Info Page

Welcome to VK4HMD

About me, Martin Davis located in South East Queensland, In the city of Toowoomba. Located approximately 120km west of Brisbane. Not a bad location for radio, elevation around 610 mtrs above sea level.My interest in radio has been ongoing for 30+ years.Starting off on the CB radio then venturing onto Amateur Radio, I gained my Amateur Licence and callsign in 1996 as VK2 HMD, then after the move to Queensland becoming VK4 HMD. I have a big interest in repairing all types of radios and other electronic equipment.

Enjoy playing around with satellite tv, have a few dishes from 65cm up to 2mtrs in diameter .

Have a vast assortment of radio programming equipment that I have collected over the years.

I am not very active on air, but I do listen around the bands to see what activity is around, experimenting in VHF and UHF long distance contacts.

My Setup

My shack is rather humble, main radio at present is an Icom IC706MK2G, IC706MK1,Icom IC208,IC207H dual band as well as a few ex commercial radios, some modified for amateur use some still to be modified. Also the Dick Smith kit radios for 2mtrs, 70cm and HF.

I have a 100 watt uhf amp and a homebrew 200 watt + 2mtr amp.See pics.

Antennas  range from beams for uhf and vhf as well as verticals, discone antenna for scanning as well a Bushcomm SWC100 wire antenna, set up as inverted dipole  for HF. Also have a TE33  tri band beam as well as two Butternut HF6V verticals.

Mobile Icom IC706Mk2G with Codan 9350 auto tune antenna .

APRS running 24/7

Test gear Marconi 2955B test set.

Contact Email